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What you should know about the Brexit referendum and market volatility

OptionsHouse would like to make you aware of the heightened potential for significant market volatility related to the UK Brexit referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

Please keep in mind that extreme volatility in times like these may result in reduced liquidity and widened bid-ask spreads. Also, during periods of extreme volatility, market and stop orders may be executed at prices materially above or below their price expectations.

We ask that you carefully consider using limit and stop limit prices leading up to, and following the Brexit referendum results.

OptionsHouse is now a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM)

Virtually everything about trading futures at OptionsHouse just got easier, faster, and better. Adding futures trading to your account is now streamlined, plus you’ll gain access to useful cash management features, and a whole lot more.

Explore the opportunities that futures trading can bring to your portfolio.

OptionsHouse launches mobile app beta program

What we need from you is valuable feedback! Let us know precisely what you think of the new app – your evaluations, criticisms, inquiries and recommendations. With your permission, we will also follow up periodically via phone, email, or survey to see how things are going.

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OptionsHouse Institutes Dime Buyback Program for All Customers

The dime buyback program allows customers to buy-to-close low-priced short options with premiums 10 cents or less. OptionsHouse is the only brokerage built for active traders to provide customers with a dime buyback program.

Learn More about Dime Buyback

OptionsHouse trading platform

Are you familiar with the powerful advanced features on the OptionsHouse Platform?

Watch this webinar recording for a deep dive into the OptionsHouse platform. The team discusses the advanced order tickets and how to use trade automation, entering Stop Orders and Trailing Stops, creating and using One Cancels Other (OCO) orders, how to use OCOs to close and manage existing positions, and using Trigger orders.

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New powerful mobile apps

New iOS and Android apps are coming soon, including a more intuitive interface, and more powerful and time-saving features. You’ll notice that we’ve enhanced many of the tools and functions you use most often, so you can:

  • See your gains for the day and year easily with improved Account Value
  • Get a snapshot of major markets and search quote details with greater ease
  • View and trade from existing positions and place orders faster than ever
  • View, modify, and cancel existing orders quickly with a few taps

Stay tuned for details on the new mobile version of our award-winning platform!

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More user-friendly Account Management

New adaptive and intuitive enhancements will make it easier than ever to manage your account, move money, and much more. We’re working hard to make website improvements that will:

  • Save you time and steps on your most frequent tasks
  • Streamline electronic fund transfers to and from your financial institutions
  • Allow you to quickly add accounts or make changes to existing accounts
  • Provide fast access to documents, Tax Center, and more

These coming website enhancement and improvements will be seamless, so you’ll benefit from them as soon as they are implemented!