Discover the power of the integrated tradeCYCLE tool set with the OptionsHouse platform. You’ll benefit from professional-grade tools that give you the knowledge and discipline to take on the markets and win.

You’re proactive about investing, and you’ve taken control of your financial destiny. But the top industry experts say successful trading and investing requires a systematic approach to every investment decision. The problem is that other brokers don’t make it easy to do that.

tradeCYCLE is a proactive approach to trading. Best of all, the OptionsHouse trading platform makes it easy to leverage this proven process. By using tradeCYCLE, you’ll better understand the risks and rewards of each trade you make, gain greater confidence in your trading skills, and master the markets.


Pro Grade Trading Tools

liveACTION Scanner
liveACTION scans the database of streaming quotes, volatilities, and other metrics in real-time to help you find action and opportunities in the market.
Go from symbol to strategy in three easy steps. Simply input forecasts and risk priorities and this powerful tool scans thousands of option strategies for the ones most appropriate to the specified criteria.
Spectral Analysis
Analyze strategies, featuring a colored Spectral Map, allowing you to see how an option strategy creates either profits or losses between today and expiration for any move in the underlying stock. Probabilities, risk metrics and gains are at your fingertips with these easy-to-use tools.
Snapshot Analysis
Analyze risk vs. reward. In one click, see the potential profit and losses and their probabilities, the risk/reward ratio, a risk profile graph, key data, such as the date of the next earnings announcement, and more. Snapshot Analysis is part of tradeLAB™, one of our proprietary set of analytic tools.
This helpful tool is designed to empower users to create exit strategies that help minimize potential losses and lock in potential gains. Set exits based on time horizon, profit target or stop loss, and monitor exit points with on-screen messages and email alerts.
This powerful tool can help you create an adjustment for a strategy that can include simply closing the position based on preferred goals. Use the results or modify them to quickly execute a trade.

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