Technology that lets you see the possibilities.
And seize on opportunities.

The OptionsHouse platform gives you everything you’d expect from advanced trading technology—real-time market data, speedy execution and comprehensive research tools. But its true power comes from opportunity-finding and market-seizing features and tools you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Among the best options trading platforms

Robust, customized options chains for quick action

Launch right into your most profitable trades with user-friendly, comprehensive, customizable option chain views that make it fast and easy to research, analyze and take action.

Options Chain

View 16 different options chains, including 15 that are strategy-based so you can find all quotes, implied volatility and deltas in no time.

Select single options or strategies and place your orders quickly from the same page.

Pinpoint opportunities based on your trading criteria with customization tools.

Dive deeper on an individual option or spread with quotes, time and sales, depth views and more. Identify complex risk data points and profiles (advanced users).

tradeLAB™ covers all the angles

Gain the insight to profit from market moves with a profit-loss-breakeven snapshot. Or use an advanced spectral map to analyze strategies with customized metrics – one of the best ways to look at a trade from every angle.

OptionsHouse tradeLAB Snapshot Analysis

See and understand the benefits, risks and potential profit of an option or spread trade.

Get the information you need easily, whether you’re an advanced or novice trader.

Analyze your risk versus reward in a single click with Snapshot Analysis – see potential profit and losses, probabilities and a profile graph on one simple, streamlined screen.

View your profit areas through expiration with Spectral Analysis – see a total spectrum of your trade’s potential so you can explore new strategies or fine tune your approach.

Snapshot Analysis

Evaluate risk versus reward
Quickly view your option trade’s potential, including maximum profit, loss or breakeven at any price point, risk/reward ratios and profiles, and precise rollover chart views.

See the possibilities and probabilities
Review “what if” scenarios through expiration. Add standard deviation or probability bands to further analyze and fine tune strategies.

Know what’s ahead
Quickly review upcoming events, earnings, or dividends that could impact volatility or affect your position. View how long the strategy has until expiration too.

Order Entry Ticket

Place your trade or dive further
You can modify or place an order right from the Snapshot Analysis screen.

Spectral Analysis

Explore your strategy’s potential
Rollover the color-coded spectral map to see probabilities until expiration. See whether you should take profits in a bigger, safer area, or toggle volatility and watch how your profit areas expand or shrink.

Be prepared for market moves
See how your position changes according to the various paths of the underlying security. Draw paths and trend lines right on the spectral map too.

Play out “what-if” scenarios
See the possibilities by adjusting volatility. Click any point on the Spectral Map to get a “Spectral Slice” analysis of that price-time point, including probabilities, a risk profile chart and Greeks.

Modify or place your trade
Edit your strategy, or place your trade with one click from a pre-populated order ticket, right from the Spectral Analysis screen.

Trigger alerts for pouncing on fast-moving markets

Markets move at lightning speed and opportunities pop up no matter where you are, so be prepared to make your next trade with actionable alerts that help you quickly and easily place pre-populated orders. Take advantage of fast-moving markets with trigger alerts to help you to potentially maximize profits or limit losses.

Take advantage of fast-moving markets with trigger alerts to help you to potentially maximize profits or limit losses.

Create orders before the market opens, or for execution later.

Be alerted via push alert when something is triggered.

Quickly submit orders that are already pre-populated for fast trading.

View and submit saved orders directly from alerts on your web or mobile app.

Enhanced charting designed around your strategy

For expansive technical analysis, the OptionsHouse platform gives you customized charting features and tools for the depth, details and insight you need to formulate winning trading strategies.

OptionsHouse trading platform showing customized, real-time charting
Real-time Charting

Choose from over 28 chart studies (technical indicators).

Select from 10 upper chart studies that overlay your underlying security chart.

Explore 18 lower chart studies that display related indicators separately.

Customize charts: time range, frequency, style, cursor, filters, horizontal or vertical padding.

Save your chart settings automatically – they won’t change unless you modify them.

Discover new market opportunities with strategySEEK™

In three easy steps, strategySEEK scans live market data for thousands of option strategies targeted to your forecast and risk priorities. Identify potential strategies or explore new opportunities based on your current approach.

OptionsHouse trading platform showing strategySEEK live market data.

Find alternative strategies with good potential, given your trade objectives and forecast for a particular stock.

Expand your strategy choices, even finding new opportunities based on your usual approach.

Set your risk priorities to discover strategies that align with your unique risk/reward balance.

Choose to analyze a given strategy using tradeLAB, modify it, or place a pre-populated order immediately.

How it Works:

strategySEEK forecast

Make your forecast
Input your forecast visually with just one click on a price chart. Use a target price, a range, or an outside-price-range parameter. Add or adjust implied volatility anytime.

See the probable price levels instantly
Once your data is entered, strategySEEK generates a visual of colored bands that indicate probable price levels across time.

Match a strategy to your risk tolerance
Explore strategies that are aligned with how you prioritize four types of risk preferences: probability, safety, profit, return.

Order Entry Ticket

Analyze, alter or trade a strategy
Use the tradeLAB™ tools, such as Snapshot Analysis and Spectral Analysis to evaluate and modify a strategy. Once you’re ready to trade, you can create an order in just one click.

Seize the opportunity.