New OptionsHouse Platform - Trading just got better.

Trading just got better.
And there’s even more on the way.

We’ve modernized our trading platform to give you the latest technology, security, and trading capabilities right at your fingertips. Discover what’s next in trading:. 

Stay tuned for additional upgrades and enhancements.

Get up to speed with these two-minute videos

New platform overview

Get a quick tour of the new platform. It’s faster and more powerful, while keeping the familiar design and functionality you love. With easy access from any browser, it’s a versatile tool for active traders.

How to place a trade

Watch how to place a trade with the new, all-in-one trade ticket. Create spreads directly on a ticket, minimize while researching, and review your order status with the new trade confirmation.

Professional-grade charting

Advanced traders need advanced tools. Take a look at the new interactive and customizable charting package, now with 5X more studies than before.

Better quotes, research, and news

Research and identify market opportunities quickly with real-time news and relevant research.
Track the markets with expanded news outlets for greater depth and scope.

The journey doesn’t end here

Stay tuned for continued updates and enhancements

Feature Roadmap

See what’s in store for the new platform

  • Options Charts
  • Trailing Stop Orders
  • Chart Trading
  • Calendar Page
  • LiveACTION Scanner
  • Exit Plan Manager
  • Portfolio Analysis Tools
  • Strategy Option Chains
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Fill Triggers, Quote Triggers with Fill Triggers
  • 3 Legged Bracket Order
  • Simulated Positions
  • Hold Order Functionality
  • Send All Saved Orders Functionality
  • Continue Action on Group Actions
  • Cancel All Day Orders
  • Custom Grouping
  • LiveACTION Custom Scan Creator
  • Trade Tagging

Release Notes

See what we’ve been doing to update features and functionality

Chart Enhancements:
Added Price Relative, Beta, and Performance Index studies. 
Now have the ability to view multiple chart windows.

Trading Quantities:
Ability to change default trade quantities.

Futures Enhancements:
Added Highlighting of orders in Buy/Sell column and other usability enhancements.

Positions Enhancements:
Added ability to click on positions and view Action menu. 
Now able to get quotes on the Portfolio Bar.

Option Chain Enhancements:
Added IV Constellation to the Option Chain.

Quote Page Enhancements:
Now able to see Volatility Charts on the quote page.

Performance Page:
Added ability to see symbol level performance.

Alert Management tools:
Added ability to create and management alerts.

Orders Enhancement:
Added ability to send group orders.

Strategy Tools:
Added ability to mouse over P/L chart to get precise information.

Quick Navigation Enhancements:
Ability to click on the tabs to move to the last viewed page.

Order Ticket Enhancements:
OCO, Strategies, Order ticket is movable, Updated Order ticket design.

Orders Enhancements:
Ability to click on the open order chip and quickly access orders from the quote bar, watch lists, and positions pages.

Strategy Tools:
Snapshot Analysis tool now available in the order ticket.

Option Chains Enhancements:
Now able to view order ticket legs on the chain when building orders.

Chart Enhancements:
Frequency Update, more chart studies, and new My Top Studies section.

Futures Enhancements:
Continued enhancements to the futures ladder.

Positions Enhancements:
Positions bar and improved expand/collapse capability.

Style Enhancements:
Ability to choose Light or Dark platform styling

Adding trading and platform preferences.

Coming Soon:
Chart Trading

New Order Ticket Functionality:
Quickly add legs and make adjustments with spread controls. Minimize the ticket to validate your research or make adjustments.

Charting Enhancements:
All new charting package with over 100 studies and other advanced capabilities.

Options Chains:
Our best just got better with a huge performance upgrade that we think you’ll notice. Quickly move between chains in a snap.

View all your positions and try out our new Actions column to quickly navigate to other areas of the platform.

Order Book:
Quickly view orders and cancel, modify, and send all from the page.

Minimize and Extend Panels:
Click the three dots to close the panel or drag the panel from any point of the line to extend the panels size.

Futures Ladder and Trading Capabilities

Coming soon:
Chart Trading