OptionsHouse’s Request for Quote Disclaimer

PEAK6 is an affiliate of OptionsHouse that makes markets in, and trades on a proprietary basis, various listed options. If you enter a request for quote (“RFQ”) any resulting transaction will be executed with PEAK6 as the counterparty.

Upon entering an RFQ, PEAK6 will respond within forty-five (45) seconds with a “yes” or a “no.” The PEAK6 response will be Accept, Decline, or a counter offer with a new price and/or size. You then will have the opportunity to accept or reject the PEAK6 response.

If you accept the response PEAK6 will cross the agreed upon transaction on the relevant exchange in accordance with such exchange’s crossing rules. You should be aware that once you accept the PEAK6 response you may be unable to cancel the order, even if the market moves against you after such acceptance. In volatile market conditions current quotations and market prices can change quickly and may differ significantly from the quotations or prices of just seconds before.

If you reject the PEAK6 response no transaction is executed and the RFQ is cancelled.