Electronic Delivery Disclosure

By choosing to accept electronic delivery you agree to receive electronic delivery of confirmations and statements to the email address or addresses you indicated on your account application or sent to you via your account’s message center. You understand that the confirmations and statements that will be emailed emailed or displayed on your account’s message center will be substantially equivalent to a printed paper confirmation that you would otherwise receive in the mail and that all material and required information will be reflected accordingly.

Furthermore, you agree to notify OptionsHouse in writing in the event you encounter difficulties viewing confirmations or statements on your account’s message center or receiving emails at the email address(es) you indicated on your account application or, if within five (5) days you fail to receive a trade confirmation or statement and absent any such notification, the confirmation(s) and statement(s) will be considered delivered whether or not they were actually received by you.

In addition, you agree to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify OptionsHouse, LLC, Apex Clearing Corporation and their respective agents and employees from any and all claims, losses, suits, or damages that may, in any manner, arise out of the transmission through the internet of your information, any inaccuracies contained in such information, any subsequent use of such information, whether authorized or unauthorized by intended or unintended recipient(s) or your access to or use of information related to this consent.