Account Fee Disclosure

Your account(s) will be charged brokerage commissions and other fees in connection with the execution of transactions (“Execution Fees”) and will or may be charged certain other fees. Execution Fees may be changed from time to time without prior notice to you and Service Fees, such as Broker Assisted Trading fees, with respect to any transactions in securities.

Your Account(s) may be subject to Short Debit Fees equal to the sum of (i) the costs and expenses incurred by any clearing facility and (ii) a Service Fee in connection with the establishment and/or maintenance of your short positions in that security.

Short Debit Fees may be disclosed to you at the time a short position is established or may be imposed or increased from time to time in light of changing market conditions and you agree to pay such Short Debit Fees at the clearing facility’s then-prevailing rates.

Service Fees may be changed from time to time and posted to the Website as appropriate; such posting will constitute 30 day notice to all existing account holders. This page should be reviewed frequently. Upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to you and, in each case, you agree to be bound