Other Rates & Fees

To provide our customers a simple, straightforward experience we do not charge a number of fees that other brokers may. Certain fees to cover costs related to accounts may apply, including:

Outgoing Wire Fees (Domestic) $25
Domestic Check Fee $5
Overnight Check Delivery $30
Saturday Delivery Checks $25
Returned Check Fee, per Check $30
Returned ACH Fee $30
Returned Wire Fee $30
Pre-Pay Fee1 $20
IRA Closing Fee $60
Transfer and Ship (Certificate)2 $235
Certificate Processing Fee3 $300 minimum
Certificate Process Return Fee $100 minimum
Restricted Stock Processing Fee $205
Outgoing ACAT Transfers $75
Outgoing Partial ACAT Transfers4 $25
DRS Transfers, per transaction $115
DWAC Transfers, per Transaction $50
Voluntary Corporate Actions (Reorg/Tender Offers) $50
Debit Card Annual Fee $75
Checking Account Check Stop Payment $30
Checking Account Return Check $30
Worthless Security Held, per Qtr $15.00
Index Fees, per Contract $0.52
OTCBB (Pink Sheets)5 $0.005/share
Platinum Card Only/annual fee $45
Access Reorder Fee/15 non-duplicate $5
Spectrum Reorder Fee/150 non-duplicate $15
Broker Assist Fee $25
FINRA TAF6 More Info
Illiquid Fees More Info
Options Regulatory Fee, per Contract7 $0.0400
Regulatory Fee on Equity and Option Sales8 More Info
Execution Fees for Non-DTCC Securities9 More Info
F Share Fee10 $50
Spectrum Checks Only annual fee $30
Spectrum Checks w/ Gold annual fee $60
Gold Card Only annual fee $30
Spectrum Checks w/ Platinum annual fee $75


Single Legs

$4.95 +$0.50/contract




Spreads, Straddles, and Combos
Up to four legs except covered calls and puts

$4.95 +$0.50/contract
(One base ticket charge per spread, straddle, or combo)

Mutual Funds
$20.00 per trade

Covered Calls/Puts
Treated as a single leg options trade + $4.95 for the stock leg.

Exercises and Assignments
For each exercise or assignment in a given position you will be charged $4.95.

Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC)
Orders that do not fill in their entirety and remain open will be subject to separate commission charges for each day’s transactions. Only one commission charge will be incurred if a GTC order is filled in multiple lots during the same day. Standard commission rates apply – plus any relevant per-contract charges.

Modified Orders
Modifying an order cancels the original order and creates a new order. Partial fills on the original order are subject to the commission at time of order. Commissions for fills for the modified order are calculated as if it were a new order.

Selected Index Options
There is a small number of index option products for which exchanges charge additional fees to customers. To offset these exchange fees, OptionsHouse will charge $0.52 per contract on certain index products, except the VIX which will be $0.40 per contract. This charge will appear in your OptionsHouse trade ticket for affected symbols at the time of trade. For a complete list of these symbols click here.

Note: There are no additional fees for ETFs such as QQQQ or SPY.

Directed Orders
Options orders directed by a customer to a specific exchange for execution are subject to a $0.10 per contract fee. OptionsHouse also reserves the right to pass-through additional exchange fees it incurs as the result of this activity. Contact OptionsHouse for more information.

Paper Statements
A $2 handling fee will be charged for paper statements mailed to your address on record.

Questions on any of our fees? Call customer service at 877-598-3190 or email us at [email protected]. We reserve the right to pass-through any third party fees based on the costs involved.