Access Trading Tools – strategySEEK

Find your strategy with strategySEEK1, which scans live market data for thousands of options strategies targeted to your forecast and risk priorities.

  1. To begin, click the Strategy button under Trading tab.


StrategySEEK consists of three simple steps: Forecast, Priorities and Strategies.

  1. To enter your price or a price range forecast, click the chart or use the chart controls to enter your price or price range forecast. The chart has historical prices on the left and future dates for your forecast on the right.


    Within the Forecast section are menus that add or change the focus of the forecast chart:

    Mode — select the type of forecast model from Price, in Range and Outside Range.
    IV Forecast — add a change in implied Volatility to your forecast. Choose from the Current IV the 30 Day Avg IV, 52 Week High/Low IV or enter a custom IV calculation.
    Expand — expand either the price range or time horizon with these buttons.


  2. Every investor has different risk preferences. To change the order of your priorities, drag and drop the priorities to configure to your risk profile or use the Turn Off buttons to eliminate factors.


  3. After inputting your forecast and priorities, click the Show Strategies button for strategySEEK to begin finding strategies in real-time.


    To reduce the number of strategies searched, click on the Filter button.

    Click the Analyze button on each strategy result to further research potential of the trade.


    If the strategy meets your criteria, click the Create Order button to open an Entry Order Ticket.