Quotes & Research

The Quote Page allows you the ability to review all the important details of a security from one location.

Accessing the Quote Page

  1. To begin, launch the platform1 and enter a symbol into the quote box found at the top left-hand corner of the Quote page. As you enter in letters for the symbol a smart search box will appear display possible matches.
  2. Arrows found on the right side of the symbol field allow you the ability to navigate between recent symbols you’ve searched. You can also use the down arrow to select symbols from your positions, watchlists and even recently viewed symbols.
  3. Click any quote on the trading platform to display an action menu, which contains additional quote details and the ability to navigate to other areas of the platform, such as the Quote page.

Navigating the Quote Page

Once on the Quote page you’ll see the following: Quote Header, Thumbnail Display and Hot Ticket.

  1. Quote Header displays additional quote details and can be found by clicking on the Expand button, on the far left of the quote bar.
  2. Thumbnail Display provides additional information such as quote data, time & sales figures and depth of view of the current market for the symbol. To access, click the Thumbnail button in the Quote Header.
  3. Hot Ticket is a quick order entry expansion that displays quick Buy, Sell and Close buttons along with other items that can be preset to your preferences. To access, click the Hot Ticket button next to the Quote Header. Hot Ticket panels are also found next to each quote throughout the platform.

Moving down the Quote page on the left-hand side you’ll see several modules: Price and Volatility Chart, News Feed, Depth View and Time and Sales.

  1. Price and Volatility Chart allows you to view a quick stock and volatility chart over various time periods (3 days, 5 days, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year).
  2. News Feed delivers streaming news with the option to add twitter to the feed.
  3. Depth View displays the best bids and offers in the market at the current time. It also displays the size of the bids and offers.
  4. Time and Sales section shows the running sequences of the most recent trades.

Fundamental Report Card

Over on the right-hand side you’ll see the Fundamental Report Card, which displays valuable research on several areas.

  1. Company Details displays a high-level company synopsis.
  2. Fundamental Questions answers the important questions every investor should know.
  3. Relative Ranking Grades compares the performance of a stock to its peers and the broader market.
  4. Overall Rating Grade averages all of the relative grades.

There is also an expanded Fundamental Research section that provides a deeper look into the company.

  1. Links found next to the relative grade open a new window with more detailed answers to each question.
  2. Expandable sub sections display additional questions about the company.
  3. Compare the company in the deeper dive across industry, sector, and S&P 500.
  4. Navigation for the window is found at the top to quickly move between research topics.

For additional research information, click the researchLAB button found below the Overall Ranking
grade. A separate window will appear, taking you to our sister company optionMONSTER’s researchLAB. Analyze peer group performance, detect extremely precise technical setups, and gain other valuable insights from optionMONSTER.