Monitor Your Positions

The positions page is full of features to help you manage your portfolio.

Accessing the Positions Page

  1. To begin, click the Positions button under the Account tab.

Modifying the Positions Page

  1. The entire Positions page is customizable. Columns can be added, removed and resized to your preferences. To add columns, click on the Select Columns button found in the top right-hand corner.


  2. Once your columns are selected the headers for each can be rearranged to your desired order. To move a column, click the column header and drag it to a new location.


  3. Positions are displayed at three different levels: Group, Strategy and Security.

    Group Level — groups all securities related to the same underlying security.
    Strategy Level — lists all of the strategies in individual rows.
    Security Level — displays each individual security that makes up that strategy.


  4. Thumbnail Display provides additional information such as quote data, time & sales figures and depth of view of the current market for the symbol. To access, click the Thumbnail button to the left of the quote.


  5. Hot Ticket is a quick order entry expansion that displays quick Buy, Sell and Close buttons along with other items that can be preset to your preferences. To access, click the Hot Ticket button to the left of the quote. Hot Ticket panels are also found next to each quote throughout the platform.


  6. Action Menu displays when you click on any quote. It contains additional quote details and shortcuts to other areas of the platform. It also contains Buy and Sell buttons so that you can create orders quickly.


  7. Expiration Icon is an X icon is used to indicate a position that will be expiring soon. Hover over to learn how much time remains.


  8. In-the-Money Position Icon allows for quick visual identification when a position is trading in-the-money.


  9. Open Orders Icon is a quick identifier that displays which positions currently have open orders. Click on the icon to display the open order and its details.