Platform Performance

Follow these instructions to ensure that your software is updated so that you can take full advantage of the features on the OptionsHouse platform1.

Adobe Flash Player

For the best platform performance, please use a version of Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

  1. You can download Flash Player from the Adobe website and update it for free. Just follow the prompts to download the latest version of Flash Player. You may either type in or copy and paste the URL below.

  2. When warning dialog appears at the bottom of your browser, click Save.
  3. When download dialog appears at the bottom of your browser, double-click the file.
  4. When Security Warning dialog box appears, click Run.
  5. When User Account Control dialog box appears, click Yes.

Google Chrome

For optimal performance, please update your Google Chrome Flash plugin.

  1. First, view your current Chrome plug-in settings. To do so, open a new Chrome window and paste in this url: chrome://plugins
  2. Disable the Adobe Flash Player for optimal performance.