How to Manage Trade Orders

View and manage your orders directly from the Orders page.

Accessing the Orders Page

To begin, click the Orders button under the Account tab.

Managing Your Orders

The menu bar at the top of the Orders page provides you with several ways to manage your orders: Filter, Time Range, Cancel All, Cancel Day Orders and Send All Saved Orders.

  1. Filter sorts orders by symbol, asset class, trade tags, order status and account type. Just click the Filter button and a pop up window will appear allowing you to customize the viewable results.
  2. Time Range allows you to select a time period you wish to view. Select from Today, Last 3 Days, Last 5 Days, Last 10 Days or create a custom time period by selecting Range from the Time Range drop down.
  3. Cancel All allows you to cancel all orders with a single click.
  4. Cancel Day Orders gives you more control over your orders by cancelling open day orderst with a single click.
  5. Send All Saved Orders allows you to send all saved orders to the market at once.

Thumbnail Displays

Thumbnail Displays are additional panels of information that allow you to dive into each order and view Order Details, Order Status History, Quote and Time & Sales.

To access this panel, click the Thumbnail button to the left of the symbol.

Trade Journal

Use the Trade Journal to log trade tags or notes about the strategy behind the trade.

To use this feature, click on the Journal icon found on the right-hand side of any order.