How to Use liveACTION

LiveACTION1 scans the database of streaming quotes, volatilities and other metrics in real-time to help you find opportunities in the market.

  1. To begin, click the liveACTION button within the Markets tab.
  2. Once in liveACTION you can view available scans, which are grouped by category – Unusual Activity, Volatility, Technical etc. To change the category, click the Select Scan Category drop down.
  3. To view the results of a particular scan, click either the line item or the Run button on the right-hand side of the row.
  4. The columns in the results window can be sorted by clicking the column header. This gives you the ability to quickly scan for opportunities.
  5. Additional buttons at the top of the results window allow for further navigation:

    Select Category — switch to a new category for different scans.
    Select Scan — quickly switch between different scans within the same category.
    Update — runs the scan again to see if any new symbols meet the scans criteria.
    Create New — create a custom scan using your own set of screen criteria.
    View All — view all available scans within that category.
    Save as Watchlist — save the LiveACTION results as a watchlist that you can monitor for future opportunities.
    Export — creates an excel worksheet of the liveACTION results.
    Print — print the results of the scan.
    Help — display the help screen for additional information about liveACTION.

  6. When you find an opportunity, click on any line item to open the action menu, which allows you to trade or navigate to other areas for further research.