Cost Basis Adjustments

When an existing position is transferred to a OptionsHouse account you may adjust the cost basis by using the Edit Cost Basis tool1.

Open the Edit Cost Basis tool

  1. To open the Cost Basis tool, click the History button within the Account tab.
  2. After clicking History button within the Account tab, click the Edit Cost Basis button found in the menu bar to begin editing the cost basis for your transferred positions.

Edit your Cost Basis

By default the Edit Cost Basis window will display all of your transferred positions in the order in which they were transferred.

  1. To filter the display, select either the Transfer Date or Transferred Positions drop down at the top of the window.
  2. You may also sort the data by clicking the Transfer Date or Position column header.
  3. Specify the desired cost basis of the position in the Cost Basis field located on the far right-hand side of the window.
  4. To save the values you have entered, click the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

View your Updated Cost Basis

You may view the updated cost basis by displaying the Cost Basis column in the Positions Main Section.

  1. To open Positions, click the Positions button within the Account tab.
  2. To display the Cost Basis column, click the Select Columns button and check the Cost Basis checkbox.
  3. You may also view the cost basis by clicking the position of interest in the Positions Main Section or Positions Mini and selecting the Cost Basis button on the right-hand side of the action menu.