How to Create Option Spreads

  1. Navigate to the Option Chain by clicking “Options” from the “Trading” Menu.
  2. Ensure that “clickSPREADS” is On. You can view this setting in the top right of the option chain. Depending on your current settings, you may have to click the menu button to view this setting.
  3. Click on the “Ask” price of the options you would like to purchase and click on the “Bid” price of the options you would like to sell. Each time you click a bid or ask price, the corresponding option contract will automatically populate in the order ticket.
  4. After building the spread you would like to trade, click “Create Order”.

  5. Here you can modify your quantity, price type, duration, and other important order elements. When you are ready to place your order, click “Confirm”.
  6. Here you can double check your order and review its impact on your account. When you are ready to send your order, click “Send”.

Note: Based on certain settings, your system may be set up to bypass specific screens for faster order execution. Please be aware of your specific account settings.