Setting Alerts

Learn various alert types offered at OptionsHouse, the basics of alert management and how to create an alert.

Types of Alerts:

OptionsHouse offers 3 different forms of alerts:

  1. Price Alerts are sent when a symbol or symbols reach a certain price threshold. There are 3 different types of Price Alerts stock, option and spread.
  2. Account & Order Alerts are alerts at your account level. They are triggered based on account value percentage change, account P/L percentage change and when orders fill in your accounts.
  3. Follow Alerts allow you to track and receive symbol-specific alerts based on a range of news items. Follow alerts can be modified based on specific Criteria, so you only receive the news items you deem of interest. Unlike Price Alerts, Follow Alerts are persistent, so you can receive news and updates for important symbols every time they occur.

Basics of Alert Management:

OptionsHouse alerts are managed via the Alert Center located in the upper right of the platform.

From the Alerts Center interface, you can create an alert, set various types of alerts and adjust settings. If this is the first time you are creating an alert, begin by clicking on “Alert Delivery” within the Alerts Center.

Then, within the “Alert Delivery” tab select how you wish to receive alerts

If multiple devices are selected, turn on “Smart Delivery” to deactivate text, mobile or email alerts when you are logged into the desktop platform. This feature reduces alert clutter and the chance of receiving multiples of the same alert.

Once your alert delivery is selected, click on the “Settings” tab.

Within this tab, modify settings related to desktop, mobile, text and email by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Creating an alert:

There are three ways to create an alert. (Please note: If this is the first time you are creating an alert, you will need to set how you receive alerts. Instructions for receiving alerts can be found under “Basics of Alert Management” above.)

  1. The most convenient method to set a Price Alert is to click on any actionable blue link in the OptionsHouse platform and to select “Create Alert”

    This will open a prepopulated alert ticket that can be modified to meet your strategy

  2. If you wish to create a Follow Alert, the most convenient method is to click on the “Follow” button located in the universal quote bar. Once checked you will receive alerts on the symbol of interest according to the criteria you’ve set. (Please note: If this is the first time you are creating an alert you will need to set how you wish to receive alerts. Instructions to do so, can be found in “Basics of Alert Management” above).
  3. The final method for creating an alert is via the Alert Center. To begin, simply click on the “Alerts” button in the upper left of the platform.

    From the Alert Center, click on “Create Alert” to open an alert ticket.

    Within the alert ticket, you can choose the type of alert, the symbol, various metrics as well as input notes.

    Once an alert is created, it will appear in your “Active” alerts tab. If the alert fires, then it will automatically remove from the “Active” tab and appear in the “Triggered” tab.