Funding Your Account

You can fund your account in the following ways:

  • Wire Transfer – A direct, one-time transfer of funds into your OptionsHouse account. Wires are the fastest way to fund your account so you can begin trading as quickly as possible. OptionsHouse may even reimburse your wiring fee charged by your financial institution. Following receipt, incoming wires will generally be credited to your account the same business day.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) – A link between your bank and your OptionsHouse account. Follow a few simple steps to establish a link between your bank and your new OptionsHouse account. ACH deposits are available three business days from the deposit date for trading purposes.
  • Account Transfer (ACAT) – A transfer of securities or funds from an outside financial institution. OptionsHouse makes it simple to transfer cash or security holdings from your current brokerage – we’ll even pick up the tab charged by your outside financial institution (up to $75). ACAT transfers take approximately seven business days to complete once the corresponding paperwork is submitted electronically.
  • Check – You can use a personal check to fund your account. Once posted to your account, your funds will be available in five business days. Checks need to be made payable to: APEX CLEARING.


Note: Account paperwork must be completed before funds can be properly assigned to accounts.