Account Management1 Overview

Account Management1 allows you to manage all facets of your account from one central location. With this feature, you can control your account settings, edit preferences, and find important account related documentation.

Account Management1 can be launched from by clicking on “Manage Account”.



Or you can launch Account Management1 from the platform by clicking on “Manage Accounts” in the lower right corner.



My Profile Tab

On this page, you can change your email address, password, and security question.



My Accounts Tab

In this page, you will find any pending account applications and an overview of each of your open/funded accounts and/or virtual accounts.



Security Tab

Within this section, you can take advantage of OptionsHouse advanced security features. Get started with OptionsHouse Authenticator1 that inhibits unauthorized access of your account and/or set up a Secure PIN that prevents access to your personal information and cash transactions.



Rates Tab

On this page, you can change your options rate plan to better fit your trading activity. Rates may be changed only once within a 24-hour period.



Transfer Funds Tab

In this tab, you can easily transfer funds into your account and verify any micro deposits sent by your bank.



Tax Information Tab

Within this section, you can locate any and all tax related documents produced by your account activity. You may also launch the Maxit Tax Calculator1 via this page, a real-time, cost and tax based investment decision support to help financial advisors and investors maximize tax liabilities and increase after-tax performance.



Statements Tab

On this page, you can view and download your OptionsHouse account statements.



E-Confirms Tab

In this tab, you can track all trades made from your account, sortable by date or subject.