Reg T Call (RT) or Fed Call

Cause: RT calls are issued when a customer makes a transaction in a margin account and does not meet the minimum initial margin requirements.

Due: Generally, Trade date + 5 business days (T + 5) to meet by depositing funds in the amount of the call. OptionsHouse may issue RT calls T+1 at its discretion, based on risk and/or other factors.

Meeting the Call: Closure of a security(s) in an amount sufficient to generate Reg T margin release, deposit of funds in the amount of the call, or a deposit of fully paid for, marginable securities that generate sufficient Reg T release.

If the RT call is not met by the due date a liquidation strike is issued.

After a fourth strike in a rolling one year period, subsequent RT calls are issued as RT Restricted (RTR) calls, and are due T+1.

Five strikes in a rolling one year period will restrict the account to closing trades only status for 90 days from the due date of the 5th violation.