DT Minimum Equity Call

Cause: A DT Minimum Equity call is generated when a Pattern Day Trade (PDT) account’s value falls below $25,000 at the close of the previous business day. An account is designated as a Pattern Day Trade account if it executes more than 3 day trades in any rolling 5 business-day period. Once designated as a PDT account, an account remains a PDT account unless it is reset off of PDT status.

Meeting a DT MINIMUM EQUITY Call: A PDT account’s value needs to close at $25,000 or greater (intraday increases above $25,000 will not suffice to meet a DT Minimum Equity call). An account can be reset off of PDT status provided it has not already been reset in the last 90 days. Resetting a PDT account will meet a DT Minimum Equity call. PDT Accounts which close above $25,000 in account value, or which are reset, will be re enabled for opening trades the following business day.

Resetting an account will remove the account from Pattern Day Trade (PDT) status, and the account will start over with a day trade count of zero. Account resets are an overnight process, and must be requested no later than 3 PM CT in order for the reset to take effect for the following business day.

To request a reset, you can contact Customer Service via Live Chat, by phone or by email.

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