Meeting a Day Trading Margin Call

Note: Please be aware that you cannot liquidate to cover a day trading call. Day trading calls can only be met by depositing funds.

Funds deposited to meet a day trading call must remain in the account for two business days following the close of business on the day of deposit. Please be aware that ACH deposits must remain in the account for six (6) business days before being withdrawn and check deposits must remain in the account for ten (10) business days before being withdrawn.

A wire transfer is the quickest way to meet a Day Trading margin call. Below are wire instructions.

Incoming Wire Transfer:
The Receiving Institution Information:
BMO Harris Bank
111 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603

ABA Transit Routing Number: 071000288

Account: 3713401

For Benefit Of (FBO): Apex Clearing Corporation

For Further Credit Account: ( xxx-xxxxx )

For Further Credit To: Client/Registration Name.