How to calculate day trading buying power and more

Day trading buying power is defined as the equity in a customer’s margin account at the close of the previous business day, less any maintenance margin requirements.

This figure is displayed on the OptionsHouse platform in the account details section, as Starting Day Trade BP. This figure does not change during the day.

OptionsHouse allows for 2X day trading buying power for regular, marginable stocks. Customers can multiply their starting day trading buying power by 2 for day trading cash securities. Some stocks may have higher requirements; customers should be aware of current requirements before day trading.

Note: Funds must be in the margin account at the close of the previous business day. Any intraday deposits, proceeds from closing overnight positions, or day trading profits, cannot be used for day trading purposes until the following business day.

Any funds held in a Pattern Day Trader’s Money Market (MM) fund sweep are not eligible to be used for day trading. To avoid unnecessary day trading calls, PDT accounts may request to move their funds from the MM fund sweep to the margin account and disable the MM fund sweep.