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Can I place an order from the option chain?


Yes.  You can place an order from anywhere you see a “blue link” on the trading platform.

To trade directly from the default option chain:

  1. Click on the “Options” Tab (the second tab in the trading tool) to get to the chain view. (The chain view is a list of all options available for a particular symbol.) Make sure that the appropriate company is showing in the Option Chain. If not, enter the appropriate ticker symbol in the Quote Lookup box. From the Option Chain, click on the bid or ask price of the option or stock that you wish to sell or buy, respectively.
  2. A menu will appear on the screen. Select the appropriate “trading action” from the pop-up menu.
  3. If you select a trading action from the chain, several of the fields will be pre-filled on the Order Ticket. Make sure these match your intentions and that the correct quantity is entered.  Then verify that the price, duration and expiration date (if applicable) are correct.
  4. Click the “Preview” button.
  5. Preview the order.
    1. Review the Order Description on the top left-side of the Order Ticket to make sure your order is as you expect.
    2. If it is acceptable, click the “Place Order” button.
    3. If you wish to revise your order, click the “Revise” link and continue with step 3 above.
    4. If you wish to cancel your order, click the “Cancel” link.

Note that stock orders can be executed from any of the following locations:  the Stock Ticker, the Options Chain, the Account Positions Screen, the Orders Screen, the Watchlist or Hotlist, the Stock Screener, and of course the Order Ticket.

Option orders can be executed from any of the following locations: the Options Chain, the Account Positions Screen, the Watchlist, and the Order Ticket.

If you need assistance, contact our customer service department at 1-877-653-2500 and select option 1 for the Trade Desk.

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