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Will I receive a Form 1099 for my account?

1099s are only generated for accounts with greater than $10.00 in dividend and/or interest income or qualified trading transactions.

Individual, Joint, UTMA/UGMA and Trust Accounts: Yes No
Dividends and interest great than $10.00 X
Closing stock, mutual fund, or bond transactions X
Options trades X
IRA Accounts with Qualifying Distributions: Yes No
Normal, premature, or 72-T distribution X
60 Day Rollover X
Direct rollover to employer plan X
Same or prior year recharacterization X
Distribution due to death or disability X
Revocation or prohibited transaction X
Direct transfer to identical IRA (ACAT) X
Trade activity, dividends, interest, and other income X
Business Accounts: Yes No
C – Corporations X
S – Corporations X
Limited liability C – Corporations X
Limited liability S – Corporations X
Limited liability Partnership X
Partnerships X
Sole proprietorships X
Investment clubs X