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Will I receive a Form 1099 for my account?

1099s are only generated for accounts with greater than $10.00 in dividend and/or interest income or qualified trading transactions.

Individual, Joint, UTMA/UGMA and Trust Accounts:YesNo
Dividends and interest great than $10.00X
Closing stock, mutual fund, or bond transactionsX
Options tradesX
IRA Accounts with Qualifying Distributions:YesNo
Normal, premature, or 72-T distributionX
60 Day RolloverX
Direct rollover to employer planX
Same or prior year recharacterizationX
Distribution due to death or disabilityX
Revocation or prohibited transactionX
Direct transfer to identical IRA (ACAT)X
Trade activity, dividends, interest, and other incomeX
Business Accounts:YesNo
C – CorporationsX
S – CorporationsX
Limited liability C – CorporationsX
Limited liability S – CorporationsX
Limited liability PartnershipX
Sole proprietorshipsX
Investment clubsX