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What are the system requirements for the platform?

The OptionsHouse web site and trading tools are best viewed using a modern browser with Flash and cookie support, and sufficient CPU capacity to support the browser activity and anything else running simultaneously. In order to take full advantage of the OptionsHouse content and tools we recommend a 56 kbps or faster connection.

The OptionsHouse web site also takes advantage of SSL encryption and JavaScript to enhance the security of interactions. In addition, some documents on the OptionsHouse site require you to use Adobe Acrobat Reader® in order to view them. Download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. For more information on platform optimization, view our Walkthrough.

Operating System Requirements:

  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Browser Requirements:

Please ensure pop-ups and cookies are enabled.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Firefox 10 or later
  • Google Chrome 18 or later (Chrome Plugin Settings)
  • SafariTM 5.0

Plugin Requirements:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10+

Display Settings:

  • The web site is designed for a minimum resolution of 1024×768 and for a color depth of 16K.