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How do I request a DRS Transfer?

The Direct Registration System (DRS) allows you to move shares from a transfer agent to your OptionsHouse account.

  • The most common transfer agents participating in the Direct Registration System are Computershare and American Stock Transfer & Trust Company.
  • A DRS Transfer is typically completed within 5 to 7 business days.

In order to initiate a DRS transfer, we require a signed and dated letter of authorization indicating:

  1. Your account number at OptionsHouse
  2. Your account number at the transfer agent
  3. Stock symbol/cusip number of the position you are transferring
  4. Number of whole shares you are transferring (cannot transfer fractional shares)
  5. Your recognition and agreement to the fees ($115 per transaction) associated with processing this request – Please Note: The DRS Fee will be charged even if the transfer cannot be processed correctly by the transfer agent or clearing firm due to incorrect account information
  6. If you are transferring from BNY Mellon, we also require the security key that corresponds to your account

We also require copy of your most recent statement for the account at the transfer agent that corresponds to your request. Please note that we will need a statement for each stock symbol you are transferring.

Once we receive these documents, we will process your request. You may scan or fax this to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Please note that large block position transfers involving certain low-priced securities may be subject to delay due to additional due diligence required to ensure that the shares are fully registered and not subject to any resale restrictions.