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How do I initiate a wire transfer to fund my account?

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

Use the information below to arrange an incoming wire transfer with your bank or other financial institution. Please make note of the following considerations:

  • OptionsHouse does not accept incoming third party wire transfer requests. A wire transfer request will be considered third party if the name on the sending account is not titled exactly as the OptionsHouse account. For example wire transfer requests from a trust or business account (with the exception of DBA accounts) to an individual or joint account are considered to be third party and will not be accepted.
  • Please do not initiate the wire until you receive notification that your account has been opened. It is possible that the wire will be returned and additional fees may be incurred.
  • Incoming wire transfers will usually be credited to your account the next business day after being received.
  • All of the information below may not be required. The only pieces of information that are absolutely essential for OptionsHouse to receive your wire are the ABA Routing Number, Recipient/Beneficiary Name, Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number, & your OptionsHouse account number. We have provided some additional information below because some banks require it, but it should not be cause for concern if the sending institution is not requesting all of the information below.


Bank Address:
BMO Harris Bank
111 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603

ABA Routing Number:
071000288 (for non-domestic wires, use SWIFT Code HATRUS44)

Recipient/Beneficiary Name:
Apex Clearing Corporation

Recipient/Beneficiary Address:
Apex Clearing Corp.
350 N. St. Paul Street
Suite 1300
Dallas, TX 75201

Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number:

Final Recipient/Beneficiary Information (Your Information):
Some wiring forms will have a dedicated section for the final recipient/beneficiary information, but some may not.

  • If the wiring form you are completing has a dedicated section for this information, this is where you would provide your name (as it appears on your OptionsHouse account), your OptionsHouse account number, & any other requested information.
  • If the wiring form you are completing does not have a dedicated section for this information, there should be a “Memo”, “Message to Recipient”, or some other section that allows you to provide additional information to the recipient of the wire. You should be able to successfully transmit your wire if you provide your OptionsHouse account number in this field.

Other Important Notes:

  • If your account was opened prior to Monday, January 30, 2012, please make sure you are providing your new account number.
  • Do not send checks directly to BMO Harris Bank or deposit checks directly at a BMO branch. Customers who deposit their checks in this manner are subject to a nonrefundable $30.00 BMO research fee to have the funds moved to their OptionsHouse account.
  • All incoming wire transfers must be in US dollars.