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How do I establish an ACH relationship?

Establishing an ACH relationship at OptionsHouse is quick and easy.

  1. Log in to the Account Management page.
  2. Click the funding tab.
  3. On the Funding page:
    1. Select the appropriate “Account Number”
    2. Choose “Deposit” or “Withdrawal”
    3. Change the funding method to “ACH – Link to Bank Acct”
    4. Select “Setup New ACH Relationship”
    5. Click the “Next” button

We offer two methods to establish an ACH relationship: Instant Verification or Micro Deposit.

Instant Verification allows you to instantly establish a secure connection between your bank and OptionsHouse.

Micro Deposit includes OptionsHouse making two small deposits to your bank account (from Apex, our clearing firm). You will have to enter these amounts on the funding page to verify your bank account. This process takes three to four business days to complete.