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How can I fund my account?


You can fund your account in the following ways:

  • Wire Transfer - A direct, one-time transfer of funds into your OptionsHouse account. Wires are the fastest way to fund your account so you can begin trading as quickly as possible. OptionsHouse will even reimburse your wiring fee 1 – contact Customer Service at 877-653-2500 about promotion code WIRE25REFUND to set up the reimbursement for your account. Following receipt, incoming wires will be credited to your account the next business day.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) - A link between your bank and your OptionsHouse account. Follow a few simple steps to establish a link between your bank and your new OptionsHouse account. The ACH verification process can take up to four business days.  OptionsHouse then holds all ACH deposits for three business days from the deposit date before the funds are released for trading purposes.
  • Account Transfer (ACAT) - A transfer of securities or funds from an existing brokerage account. OptionsHouse makes it simple to transfer cash or security holdings from your current brokerage – we’ll even pick up the tab (up to $100) 2 – contact Customer Service at 877-653-2500 about promotion code ACAT100REFUND to set up the reimbursement to your account. ACAT transfers typically take between five and 10 business days to complete once the corresponding paperwork is submitted.
  • Check - You can use a personal check to fund your account. Once received, all check deposits are held for three business days. Cashiers’ checks can be used if the remitter’s name is typed (not written) onto the check.

Note: International accounts are only eligible to fund via Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) or incoming wire transfer. For more information, please visit our International Funding page.

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