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Does OptionsHouse allow API (Application Programming Interface) access?


Yes. The OptionsHouse API allows approved customers and developers to utilize the trading data and systems available on the OptionsHouse platform.  The API is an https-based protocol that accepts JSON formatted messages. Before using the API, customers must print and sign the corresponding document (linked below), accept terms and agreements, and be approved by OptionsHouse representatives. We will provide access to the API documentation once these initial steps have been completed. In order to be granted access to the API, please respond to the below questions in an email addressed to api@optionshouse.com.

  • Are you planning on building a client tool that interfaces with OptionsHouse systems through an API or an automated scripting system?
  • Are you building these tools for individual use?
  • Do you plan to distribute the application?
  • What is the username you plan to authenticate with?
  • What are the accounts you will use through the API?


Note: Minimum account balance of $30,000 required for API access.

The API agreement can be downloaded here.

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