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How do I change the number of strikes displayed in the option chain?


The OptionsHouse trading platform allows you to change the number of strikes displayed in the option chain. When viewing the chain, you can change the number next to “NTM” to the number of strikes you wish to view.  Selecting “9999″ will, by default, show all available strikes.

You can also access these options from the “Manage Accounts” tab on the lower-right-hand of the trading platform.

Manage Accounts.jpg

From this screen, make sure you have selected the “Preferences” tab.  Below this, click on the “Chain & Quotes” secondary tab, which is the second from the left.  Next, enter a number under “Display NTM” corresponding to the number of NTM (near-the-money) strikes you would like visible on the option chain. For example, choosing “5″ will show five strikes below the at-the-money strike and five strikes above the at-the-money strike.

Note that selecting “9999″ will display all available strikes. You can make this and other changes to the option chain for all accounts or for individual accounts.

C - 1 (Pref and Chain).jpg

Finally, click the “Save and Close” button. The number of strikes will display accordingly and can be changed at any time.

C - 2 (Save and Close).jpg

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