Did you know? Tip #2: Trade right from a chart

To help you get the most from the OptionsHouse platform, this series of tips is designed to save you time with handy shortcuts. Our second installment focuses on how you can quickly execute trades right from a chart. 

Tip #2: Trade right from a chart

If you’re a “chartist” or “technician,” you’ll likely want to seize a market opportunity the moment you see any technical indicators that make you want to take immediate action. That’s why we’ve made it easy and fast to trade directly from a chart with the OptionsHouse platform.

Just click above the mark to open a pre-populated order ticket as a sell order. Or click below the mark to open a pre-populated order ticket as a buy order.  The price populated in the order ticket corresponds to the price on the chart where clicked (y axis).  In addition, the order entry ticket is pre-populated with your default trading quantities.

Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

  1. Open a chart for any symbol. (Fig. 1)
  2. Click above the mark price to open a sell order, or click below the mark price to open a buy order.
  3. Enter your order – all fields are available for editing. (Fig. 2)
  4. When your order is ready, click confirm, then click send to place the order.
Click the chart above or below the mark to buy or sell

Fig. 1: Click Chart to Buy or Sell

OptionsHouse Order Entry Ticket

Fig. 2: Order Entry Ticket

Prefer to disable this feature? Here’s what you do:

  1. Click the user configuration icon. (Fig. 3)
  2. Access the Trade Settings. (Fig. 4)
  3. Toggle Trade from Charts to OFF.
  4. Click Save all Changes.
OptionsHouse Configuration Settings

Fig. 4: Configuration Settings

Click the wheel for the configuration settings screen

Fig. 3: Configuration Icon




Stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks in our “Did you know?” series!



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