Did You Know? – Symbol Wheel

Did you know?

To help you get the most from the OptionsHouse platform, this series of tips is designed to save you time with handy shortcuts. This installment focuses on the symbol wheel on our new mobile app.

Tip: Tap the delta at the bottom of the screen in the mobile app to bring up the symbol wheel for a quick and easy way to look up symbols and view previously viewed symbols.

Quotes are an important part of the mobile trading experience, and one that our new mobile app has optimized. Our patent-pending1 symbol wheel offers a quick and easy way to look up symbols while providing a history of the last five symbols that were searched. The five most recent symbols are fully selectable, which provides a quick way to access quote information with just a few taps—instead of having to retype the quote if you navigate to another screen.

Symbol Wheel Features:

  • Easy to access once you log into the app; just tap the delta at the bottom of the screen to bring up the symbol wheel.
  • You can look up a quote using the search widget at the top of the symbol wheel, or just click on the search icon at the top of the app screen. The most recently searched symbol will appear directly beneath the search widget at the top of the symbol wheel.
  • Provides a live stream of the prices for the last five symbols you’ve searched.
  • Price changes for each symbol are color coded for easy legibility: red for losses, and green for gains.
  • Left-handers can flip the quote wheel’s orientation to the opposite side of the screen just by swiping left or right

Source: OptionsHouse

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