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To get the most out of the OptionsHouse trading platform, it’s good to know some easy and quick ways to get to the powerful tools, analysis and data that you need to make quick trading decisions. What makes our award-winning platform so easy-to-use and intuitive are the many dierent shortcuts and ways of getting the information you need with a minimum of clicks and keystrokes.

To help you get in the know about these handy shortcuts, we’ll be providing “Did you know” platform tips in the coming months, starting here with charting options versus the underliers.


fig. 1: Chart An Option & The Underlier

Tip #1: Quickly access options charts versus the underlying stock.

If you’re a “technician,” you likely rely heavily on charting tools as you assess options and the underlying security. With the powerful OptionsHouse platform, you can create and view streaming real-time charts and choose from a full complement of powerful studies.

But did you know you can easily view both options and the underlying stock charts right from the options chain?

  1. Simply click on an individual contract and an action menu will pop up, with a couple of dierent chart buttons on the right side. In the image below, we’ve clicked the August 16 calls on Apple (AAPL) with a 100 strike.
  2. Click on the “Chart” button, which will take you right to an options chart.
  3. To view a technical chart on the underlying security, simply click the Chart button with the ticker symbol. In this case, the button would be labeled “AAPL Chart”

And that’s it. You always have quick assess from one menu to both options charts and the underlying security, all directly from the options chain. It’s a real time saver and a fast way to conduct some chart technical analysis.

fig. 2: Apple Options Chart

fig. 2: Apple Options Chart

fig. 3: Apple Stock Chart

fig. 3: Apple Stock Chart

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