Meet The Team – Paul

Welcome to our new “Meet the Team” blog series, where we’ll spotlight the individuals at OptionsHouse who work behind the scenes to provide an outstanding customer experience.

First up is our dedicated Customer Service team. We know you take your trading seriously, and deserve the best support possible. This is why, in addition to our award-winning platform, we have assembled a service team that works tirelessly to provide assistance, when needed, at every step of the trading process.

OptionsHouse Customer Service – Key Characteristics:

  • Industry professionals with at least series 7 and 63 licenses
  • Based in-house, at our Chicago headquarters
  • 11.5 years of average support and trading experience across representatives

paul_oldani_140x200Our first profile will feature Paul, our Vice President of Relationship Management. An avid soccer and hockey player, as well as a musician, Paul is a natural team player, well-suited for the OptionsHouse Customer Service team.

  • Started his career on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1992
  • 18 years with proprietary trading firms and 6 years on retail trading
  • Experienced in options strategy development and education
  • Excels at solving issues for the sophisticated retail trader

Q: What does Customer Service look like and what do you like most about the team?

First and foremost, we answer emails and phone calls from customers in a timely and genuine manner. We host team-wide meetings to discuss, and eventually mandate, new policies that we think will help our customers. We find ways to build our team environment and camaraderie. We coach our support reps to help them find the best ways to go beyond simply answering questions and providing insights to customers, which creates an atmosphere that promotes teamwork and enables customer success.

As for what I like most, it’s definitely the people I work with and the people I work for. I’ve never worked with such a fun group that I care so much about—a team that wants to get so much done on behalf of our customers. We’ve got a great group, and we’ve worked long and hard to get it that way.

Further, it’s also exciting being the conduit between our customers and the rest of the company. I enjoy being an advocate for the customer and working with my team to help customers achieve lasting success.

Q: What are the most commonly asked questions that come from customers?

Status requests: what’s the status of my deposit, withdrawal, account and so forth. However, we also have opportunities to add value in a more strategic way. I spend a lot of my time taking customers through the platform and breaking down trading strategies. It’s important to me that customers understand how to properly trade options, and how they can be a great tool for risk management or income generation. If you want to be a self-directed investor, it’s a great time to be one—if you’re armed with the right knowledge, support and technology.

Q: How does the team collaborate to solve complex issues for customers?

We do the majority of our collaboration in real time. Having everyone in one room means we can quickly get together to sort something out, so that nothing is lost in translation or slowed by corporate red tape. As a rule, timeliness is a big priority. And, in addition to speeding things up, our proximity allows us to tap our collective knowledge. We’re very open and it’s great to draw on various opinions, viewpoints and experiences, and do so in real time.

Q: What are some things that your successful customers have in common?

The main differentiator in my mind is that successful customers have a predefined exit strategy: they know when to take a profit and when to take a loss. You can’t be guided by a quick-win or greed mentality, or let your emotions overly influence your decisions.

To that end, the biggest differences I’ve seen between professional and retail traders are from an emotional standpoint. OptionsHouse provides a platform, tools and educational resources that allows customers to objectively review their trading.

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