Meet The Team – Maggie

Welcome back to our inaugural “Meet the Team” blog series, where we introduce members of OptionsHouse’s dedicated Customer Service team. (To read our first two profiles, click on Paul and Rachael.)

Today, we’re profiling Maggie, a Platinum Client Relationship Manager. Maggie is a high-energy, retail investment strategy pro who serves as a day-to-day contact for our Platinum clients (those with high net worth and significant assets with OptionsHouse).

  • Began her career in 2006 at wealth management and retirement planning firm Oak Partners, Inc.
  • Has been in her current role since April 2015, and previously served as Sales Team Lead
  • Over 10 years of experience in the retail investing industry, including exposure to a wide range of investment vehicles and advanced trading strategies
  • Vast experience working in retail trading support with high net worth investors

Q: Tell us about the Platinum team. Who are Platinum clients? What type of support have they come to expect?

The Platinum team has six dedicated reps that work with high net worth clients and active traders to deliver integrated money management services and a personalized customer experience. For example, we provide assistance with tax information, funding and troubleshooting corporate accounts, or, if help is needed, setting up a managed money account or IRA.

Since we’re such a focused team, it’s easy for Platinum clients to become familiar with us. They have direct call and email routing to us, which leads to really low wait times and, many times, near real-time responses. We believe that the constant contact we have with our clients is a positive factor in their long-term success. We’ll even execute one-on-one demos with new Platinum clients and help with trading strategy adjustments.

Q: In previous posts, we’ve heard that the strong collaboration on the Support team is a key driver of success. How does the Platinum team work together?

On the Platinum team, each of us has an area of specialization in addition to a solid working knowledge of what it takes to be a successful retail trader. There’s a “go-to” person for almost everything—portfolio margining, tax questions, you name it—we each have a niche in which we have specialized knowledge. The camaraderie is great too, and since we all sit close together, rarely does a day pass when I haven’t picked up a new approach or tactic from another Platinum team member.

Q: Now that we’ve talked about the Platinum team, and how your team works together, let’s focus on how you collaborate with clients.

We’re constantly soliciting client feedback, and we apply their insights into platform enhancements. A couple recent changes that were developed based on Platinum client ideas include instantaneous ACH clearing and integrated “Day Trade Excess” so that clients can see their daily trading limits within the platform.

One thing that I’m working on now with clients is the beta version of our next-generation mobile app. Throughout the process of revamping our mobile trading offering, we’ve reached out to active traders and Platinum clients to participate in beta testing, and their feedback has been really insightful. We’re also migrating from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5; the more robust technology will make our platform even faster. To sum it up, the feedback loop we have with our clients helps us ensure we’re providing them with the best technology, features, and trading experience possible. Because, ultimately, a successful trade for a client is a successful trade for us.

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