The Sun Still Rose

The 2016 presidential election is finally over. Even with all of the rhetoric, hyperbole, and fear, the sun still rose this morning. And it should be no surprise that it will do so again tomorrow. As sure as the sun will continue to rise and the Earth continue to spin, companies and people will continue to adapt to whatever changes may (or may not) come.

Clearly there were some extreme knee-jerk reactions in the futures markets overnight. People were obviously scared of the uncertainty of a Trump victory.

picture1Source: OptionsHouse

But as the markets opened this morning and people had an opportunity to truly digest the information, calmer heads have prevailed. We discussed in a blog just a week ago some things you should consider when managing your portfolio in uncertain times, namely (1) having a diversified portfolio, (2) maintaining an appropriate risk profile, (3) using protective options strategies, and (4) remaining calm and sticking to your financial plans.

In fact, these aren’t just principles you should consider in uncertain times, they stand true for managing your portfolio all of the time. We cannot predict what the future is going to hold other than the sun will continue to rise and the economy will continue to adapt. By adhering to these principles and keeping a clear head when managing your portfolio, you can be more confident about your own financial future.

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