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Did You Know? – LiveAction Scans

Did you know? To help you get the most from the OptionsHouse platform, this series of tips is designed to save you time with handy shortcuts. This installment focuses on our powerful LiveAction scanning tool. Tip: Get new trading ideas with LiveAction Most brokerages and several free financial sites have…

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Did you know? Tip #2: Trade right from a chart

To help you get the most from the OptionsHouse platform, this series of tips is designed to save you time with handy shortcuts. Our second installment focuses on how you can quickly execute trades right from a chart.  Tip #2: Trade right from a chart If you’re a “chartist” or…

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Using Charts – Was That The Bottom?

Using Charts – Was that the bottom?

Active market traders are seeing an incredibly volatile market and trying to make sense of any of it is an especially daunting task! Did we hit a capitulation bottom today? The recovery off of today's lows was an incredible spectacle to behold. The low today of 1812.29 in SPX bounced…

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Trade Options Spreads In Just A Few Clicks At OptionsHouse

Trade Options Spreads in Just a Few Clicks at OptionsHouse

Trading options spreads is often difficult since you are trading multiple securities at the same time. OptionsHouse has designed a platform to make entering options spreads fast, easy and efficient. Here is how you can start trading options in just a few clicks! Once you are logged into the trading…

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Stock Trading – At OptionsHouse It Is Quick-and-Easy!

Stock Trading – At OptionsHouse it is Quick-and-Easy!

News travels fast – especially in the financial markets. Corporate, economic and world news is available in a moment's notice, and the markets respond immediately. The markets move fast. You need to be able to move fast, too! Speed in today's market is really about how quickly you can take…

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Trading Options At OptionsHouse: Simple. Easy. FAST!

Trading Options at OptionsHouse: Simple. Easy. FAST!

We have discussed how speed has impacted the financial markets. We have even discussed features on the OptionsHouse platform to speed up your ability to enter orders into the market more quickly. Now we would like to show you how you can start trading options in just a few clicks!…

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FAST MATTERS – Turn Bid / Ask Trading On

FAST MATTERS – Turn Bid / Ask trading on

When I first started at OptionsHouse 8 years ago, I used to end my videos and seminars with the catchphrase – "In fast markets...FAST MATTERS!" Speed really does matter in these markets. The order routing technology available to retail traders is phenomenal! The platform speed is world class. In fact,…

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Customize Your OptionsHouse Platform

Customize your OptionsHouse platform

Here's a quick blog post to make sure you are fully aware of the customization available to you on the OptionsHouse platform. To get started click on the gear 'Manage your settings' icon on the header in the upper right corner of the platform. This will populate a User configuration…

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Enhanced Position Window Icons – Keeping You Informed

On your OptionsHouse platform, we use ICONs to quickly give you visual notices within the position window. We recently added two critically important, informative icons to the list showing upcoming earnings and dividend dates to keep you better informed as an active investor. Here is a quick rundown of what…

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Monitor & Manage Expiring Options

You can filter your position pane to easily monitor and manage expiring options! Expiration management is a critical component of successfully using options in your trading. If you have an option expiring on the upcoming Friday, chances are you received a friendly reminder email from us on Wednesday morning which…

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Platform Short Cuts

Navigational Short Cuts: Did you know that the headers of the mini windows are clickable shortcuts to populate the main window on your OH platform? If you are like me, you want to see all of your pertinent account info at all times. I personally have one set of mini windows…

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