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The Sun Still Rose

The 2016 presidential election is finally over. Even with all of the rhetoric, hyperbole, and fear, the sun still rose this morning. And it should be no surprise that it will do so again tomorrow. As sure as the sun will continue to rise and the Earth continue to spin,…

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Monetary Policy Via Interest Rates

Tomorrow is Fed day! Tomorrow Janet Yellen will announce whether the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will continue to raise the current short term interest rates, or maintain the status quo. Here is a little primer to understand what the Fed is trying to do and what it might mean…

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Volatility is Coming Back!

For most of this past summer (and for sure the entire month of August), the investing topic-of-the-day was how eerily quiet the markets had become. Well, the weeks of complacency and a slow melt up on low volatility and low volume have come to an end. Volatility. It's back! August…

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What are the Dog Days of Summer?

We hear the phrase “The Dog Days of Summer” and it conjures up images of sultry summer days where everyone “lays around like a dog” trying to survive the hot and humid temperatures. While that may (or may not) be true, the origins of the saying really refer to the…

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Trade Options Spreads In Just A Few Clicks At OptionsHouse

Trade Options Spreads in Just a Few Clicks at OptionsHouse

Trading options spreads is often difficult since you are trading multiple securities at the same time. OptionsHouse has designed a platform to make entering options spreads fast, easy and efficient. Here is how you can start trading options in just a few clicks! Once you are logged into the trading…

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Stock Trading – At OptionsHouse It Is Quick-and-Easy!

Stock Trading – At OptionsHouse it is Quick-and-Easy!

News travels fast – especially in the financial markets. Corporate, economic and world news is available in a moment's notice, and the markets respond immediately. The markets move fast. You need to be able to move fast, too! Speed in today's market is really about how quickly you can take…

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Trading Options At OptionsHouse: Simple. Easy. FAST!

Trading Options at OptionsHouse: Simple. Easy. FAST!

We have discussed how speed has impacted the financial markets. We have even discussed features on the OptionsHouse platform to speed up your ability to enter orders into the market more quickly. Now we would like to show you how you can start trading options in just a few clicks!…

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Here Comes Cyber Monday As Well As A Week Of Big News

Here Comes Cyber Monday As Well As A Week of Big News

We begin Cyber Monday with the markets flat. I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. In contrast to China and other Asian markets, the U.S. markets have started the week after Thanksgiving nice and quiet. Late last week the Chinese markets had a steep sell-off of more than…

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We Got A Nice Rally Going Into Thanksgiving

We Got a Nice Rally Going Into Thanksgiving

As we begin the Thanksgiving week, let's take stock of how the markets performed last week. The markets gave us a very nice rally, up just shy of 3.5% last week! That is certainly something to be thankful for! Here's a look at the SPY ETF from last Monday to…

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