Weekly Losing Streak Continues…

Weekly losing streak continues…

Stocks fell for a 3rd consecutive week over concerns in the retail sector, commodity price volatility, and a stronger dollar weighing down large cap international stocks. The news in retail seems to be providing further evidence of the change to on-line buying patterns of US consumers as the Commerce Department…

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It’s All Over Except The Main Event!

It’s all over except the main event!

Last week it became ‘relatively’ official. Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President after his two remaining challengers, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out following another Trump victory, this time in the Indiana primary. On the Democratic side, despite Bernie Sanders winning in Indiana, Hillary Clinton essentially…

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Sell In May And Go Away?

Sell in May and go away?

One of the oldest of old Wall St. trading adages states, “Sell in May and go Away!” This is based on looking at the returns of the S&P 500 index by month and some analyst noticing that the majority of returns occur from November to April. There is historical basis…

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Earnings, The FOMC And The NFL Draft

Earnings, the FOMC and the NFL Draft

On this last week of April the NFL is holding its annual 3-day draft extravaganza in Chicago this week as pro football fans across the country hope, wish and pray that their team's needs can be filled with that impact player who will turn their team into a Super Bowl…

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Earnings Season Kicks Off With Financials In Focus!

Earnings Season kicks off with Financials in focus!

With Alcoa's quarterly report last night the spring earnings season officially kicked off. With April monthly expiration Friday, traders will focus on the financial sector this week with JP Morgan Chase (JPM) reporting Wednesday. Coincidentally, the Fed will release its beige book survey of regional economic conditions on Wednesday as…

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The Market Recovery Becomes The Focus!

The Market recovery becomes the focus!

Traders this week seem to be focused on trying to discern whether the market can continue its upward path after posting its 5th straight weekly gain! After hitting a low of 1810.10 on Feb 11, 2016, the market has been able to recover almost 240 points in the S&P 500…

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29 February = Leap Day! Let’s Learn About LEAPs

29 February = Leap Day! Let’s learn about LEAPs

Today we “celebrate” Leap Day. Leap years occur every 4 years, perhaps not coincidentally in U.S. presidential election years to give politicians an extra day to convince us that they are the obvious choice to become our next leader. Yikes! I hope not. In reality, Leap Day is added to…

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Market Downturn Got You Down?

Market downturn got you down?

Take a look at this MATRIX of potential Hedging Strategies and get back in control of your portfolio. The case for hedging. Too often I have seen retail active traders become paralyzed when the market hits the rough bear patch! An old Wall Street story goes when a short term…

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Using A Portfolio Put To Hedge Macro Market Risk.

Using a Portfolio Put to hedge macro market risk.

The overall market has had a miserable start this first month of 2016. The S&P 500 index has sold off 10% before attempting to bounce yet remains down about 7%. There is a ton of nervousness and trepidation among investors as the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) has spiked higher indicating…

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Using Charts – Was That The Bottom?

Using Charts – Was that the bottom?

Active market traders are seeing an incredibly volatile market and trying to make sense of any of it is an especially daunting task! Did we hit a capitulation bottom today? The recovery off of today's lows was an incredible spectacle to behold. The low today of 1812.29 in SPX bounced…

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New Trading Year – New Trading Challenges

New Trading Year – New Trading Challenges

Happy New Year! Investors coming back from the long holiday weekend are looking at sobering pre-market futures pointing to a 300 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the SPX and NDX looking at a 2% fall! There are plenty of concerns for traders this morning. Worries about…

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Year-End Trade Checkup

As the holidays quickly approach and we ring in a New Year, I think it is appropriate to review your trading discipline. Oftentimes even the most experienced trader can slip into some trading bad habits which can reduce long term success. Here are a handful of my "rules" developed over…

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M & A Activity Setting Records!

M & A activity setting records!

Last week sellers overwhelmed buyers as the major indexes suffered significant weekly losses. The S&P 500 index lost almost 80 points on the week! However, buyers in the merger and acquisition space continued to be extremely active adding to already what has been a record year. Dow (DOW) and DuPont…

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