Opening a New Account : Top Tips

Questions regarding current promotions

If you have any questions on how to redeem or obtain a promotion, please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-598-3190.

Additional identity documents may be required

If additional documents are needed to verify your identity, or if you are notified via email to send in additional paperwork, please note that we will not accept any documents other than the ones that were specifically requested of you. We do not accept cell phone bills, bank or credit card statements to verify your address.

If you cannot furnish the documents requested, then we may be unable to open your account at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 877-598-3190 for more details.

Your account must be opened under your legal name

In order to properly verify your identity, please use your full legal name when filling out your account application. Please do not abbreviate your name, or use a nick-name.

Sending documents to OptionsHouse

Acceptable document formats

pdf-downloadIf you are sending a digital file to us, please send the document(s) as a PDF file – do not send photographs of your documents. We will not accept documents copied into a Word document, or photographs of your documents.