Get an Edge With OptionsHouse

At OptionsHouse, you trade for a fraction of the cost of other brokerages and still get everything that top-level traders demand. That’s why we’re considered one of the best values in the industry and why OptionsHouse is one of the best brokerages year after year in annual industry rankings. There’s simply no better place to trade. And no better place to gain an edge over the market. Just take a look at all we have to offer.

OptionsHouse at a Glance (1:28)

Amazing Rates

When you compare OptionsHouse commissions within the industry, there really is no comparison. Just look at the savings you get with an OptionsHouse account with each and every trade. And, as you will see, with OptionsHouse the more you trade, the bigger your savings will be. For more information, please visit our rates page.


Industry & User Recognition

We know OptionsHouse delivers a superior value to traders, but don’t take our word alone. Consider the ratings of independent brokerage reviews such as Barron’s, who in 2014, ranked OptionsHouse as one of the “Best for Options Traders” for the sixth consecutive year.1

OptionsHouse was ranked #1 for "Options Trading" in 2014 annual review2. In this independent survey that included the who's who of online brokerages, OptionsHouse stacked up well and was ranked across a number of key categories. Again, highlighting just some of the ways you get a competitive edge at OptionsHouse.

Better Execution Through OptionsHouse AgileRouting

When compared against the NBBO average, our AgileRouting® technology has proven time and time again to outperform the industry. AgileRouting® not only improves speed, but also ensures better quality fills. See how OptionsHouse stacks up against the industry on speed of execution and price improvement on trades placed.      

Financial Security

PEAK6 Investments, L.P., one of the largest trading firms in the U.S., founded OptionsHouse with the highest levels of risk management protocol and information security protection. From cutting edge multi-factor authentication to added security for LTA accounts, OptionsHouse goes to great lengths to secure your account’s personal and financial information. For more information, visit our security page.