Trade Generator™

Hundreds of Trades at Your Fingertips

OptionsHouse’s Trade Generator allows you to enter the parameters for a trade and instantly get hundreds of options trades that meet your criteria.

If you’re looking for unique trading opportunities based on your sentiment for a security, the Trade Generator will give you what you’re looking for and then some.

The Trade Generator consists of nine different tools that find different kinds of trades:

  • Strategy Finder: Supply the ticker and sentiment and view potential trades across a variety of strategies.
  • Stock Replacement: Enter your opinion on an equity and find option trades offering a potentially better return on investment (ROI) than a straight trade.
  • Covered Calls: Discover opportunities to potentially generate additional income by selling calls against your long stock positions.
  • Cash Secured Put: Identify short-put strategies that may allow you to generate modes income or ultimately purchase stock below the current offer price.
  • Credit Spread: Consider selling call and/or put spreads to potentially limit risk while taking in money up front.
  • Debit Spread: Investigate buying call and/or put spreads to potentially lower the cost of your strategies.
  • Iron Condor: Find potential examples of this limited-risk, limited-reward strategy for range-bound stocks.
  • Straddle: Look for theoretically fairly-priced straddles that have the potential to make money based on the magnitude of stock’s move (rather than the direction).
  • Time Spreads: Find theoretically inexpensive time spreads, buying time value.

Trade Generator™ is intended to provide you with informational and educational information only. The information provided by the Trade Generator does not constitute a recommendation and should not be acted on as such. The tool provides access to an action menu for your convenience, but you are solely responsible for all trading decisions.