Streaming Charts & News

Market News For Traders

Streaming data is essential to making a well-informed trade. OptionsHouse provides this data free of charge to funded accounts. Visualize the market’s minute-by-minute movements in a customizable format. Detailed chart windows will open separately from the trading platform, giving you maximum flexibility and enabling you to park multiple streaming charts on supplemental monitors at your workstation. The streaming charts tool combines charts with streaming news — further enhancing the experience. Preset symbols can be saved so they will launch the next time you open the tool.

  • Streaming charts scalable down to intraday (minute)
  • Customizable chart formats
  • Streaming news designed for traders — including Fly-on-the-Wall and Midnight Trader
  • Customized overlays including Bollinger bands, Stochastics, and MACD indicators
  • Drawing tools for building trendlines
  • Option for making trade notes

The Streaming Charts and News tool is intended to provide informational and educational information only. The information provided by Streaming Charts and News does not constitute a recommendation and should not be acted on as such. You are solely responsible for all trading decisions.