Stock Screener

Identify Potential Investments

Stock Screener gives you the ability to screen for companies based on a range of criteria that you select. These can include fundamental data such as:

  • Industry
  • Market Capitalization
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS)
  • Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E)
  • Price to Book Ratio (P/B)
  • Percent change over a specific period
  • Volume

The Stock Screener can help you identify potential investments based on your own ideas and sentiment. Do you like large market capitalization companies, with a high dividend yield, in traditional industries? Or, do your preferences run to small capitalization, technology firms as long as their P/E is below a certain threshold? In either case, you can begin your research with the Stock Screener.

Stock Screener is intended to provide you with informational and educational information only. The information provided by Stock Screener does not constitute a recommendation and should not be acted on as such. The tool provides access to an action menu, for your convenience, but you are solely responsible for all trading decisions.