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Speed. Control. Power. That’s what you want out of your trading platform. And that’s what you get at OptionsHouse. With an infinitely customizable interface, proprietary trading technology, and superior execution, the OptionsHouse trading platform delivers more speed, more control and more trading power to help you execute your strategies and capitalize on opportunities in the market. It’s more than a platform – it’s your competitive edge in the market.

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More Customization. More Control.

The OptionsHouse trading platform gives you complete control over your entire trading experience. With customizable layouts, flexible views that enable you to view multiple chains, and fully customizable windows and widgets — the OptionsHouse platform molds to your view of the market and gives you more control over every trade.

Fast. Everywhere.

Everything about the OptionsHouse trading platform is designed to be fast. From the web-based architecture to streaming data and quotes to an integrated trade ticket that gives you the power to trade faster from any window in the platform, the OptionsHouse platform delivers superior execution to help you do more with your trading.

Powerful Proprietary Trading Tools

The OptionsHouse trading platform includes a wealth of proprietary and powerful trading tools that help you better manage risk, find trade ideas, shape your strategies and give you more control over your trading.

OptionsHouse Risk Score™
Risk Score uses proprietary risk-management algorithms to give you a customized analysis of your portfolio’s potential risk.
Risk Viewer
Using proprietary algorithms, the Risk Viewer can help you better understand and estimate the potential risk in your portfolio.
Trade Generator™
The proprietary technology in the Trade Generator scours the market for options trades and finds new trade ideas that match up with your inputs and sentiment.
Spread Investigators
The Spread Investigators scan the universe of equity options to find call or put spreads with high theoretical returns.
Streaming Charts & News
With streaming charts, news and data you can visualize the market’s minute-by-minute movements in a customizable format to follow the market and make well-informed trades.
Profit and Loss (P&L) Calculator
The P&L Calculator offers an educational analysis of complex option strategies. You can use the P&L Calculator to generate on-the-fly “what-if” scenarios about potential trades.
Probability Calculator
The Probability Calculator enables you to enter price targets for a given symbol and find the probability of an underlying symbol reaching these targets on a future date.
Stock Screener
The Stock Screener can help identify interesting potential investments based on your own ideas, market sentiment, and other criteria that you select.
Volatility Charts
The Volatility Charts track changes in both implied and historic volatility to help you analyze volatility trends.