Tax Tools & Statements

To access your tax documents, you need to launch Account Management. Account Management can be launched from by clicking on “Manage Account”.



Or you can launch Account Management from the platform by clicking on “Manage Accounts” in the lower right corner.

Once Account Management is launched, click on the “Tax Information” tab on the left side of the page. Within this section, you can locate any and all tax related documents produced by your account activity. You may also launch the Maxit Tax Calculator via this page, a real-time, cost and tax based investment decision support to help financial advisors and investors maximize tax liabilities and increase after-tax performance.

Here you will find your current 1099-B or for IRA accounts your 1099-R and 5498 as applicable. All linked accounts will be listed in the dropdown under ACCOUNT. For more information please visit our Tax Center.



Maxit Calculator Tax Tool

OptionsHouse offers tax software powered by Scivantage Maxit. The Maxit Tax Calculator provides a full range of tools designed to help clients track capital gains, generate the Schedule D for tax filing, and to improve investment tax decisions. For more information please visit our Tax Center.

Click on the “Maxit Calculator” box below to launch the program.



From here click “Launch Maxit” and the program will open in a new window (please ensure that your web browser is allowing pop-ups from OptionsHouse).



Once in the Maxit program, you will have access to the 6 tabs shown below: