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How do I transfer my account from another financial institution to OptionsHouse?


In order to transfer your account from another financial institution to OptionsHouse, you must complete an ACAT form and send it to OptionsHouse with a copy of your most recent statement. Account types must match in order to complete a transfer (i.e. Individual account to Individual account is an example of similar account types. An example of a change in account type is Joint Rights of Survivorship to Joint Tenants in Common). If your account types do not match, make sure to include a Change of Ownership form with your ACAT form and statement. Transfers normally take 5-10 business days to complete. You can download an ACAT form here and a Change of Ownership form here.

Note: International accounts are only eligible to fund via Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) or incoming wire transfer. For more information, please visit our International Funding page.

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