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How do I access documents in Maxit?
To access your documents in Maxit, start the video below at the 38 second mark. The beginning of this video will show you how to access your 1099 form.

How do I update incoming transfer information in the Maxit Tax Calculator?
To access Maxit, click on Manage Accounts in the lower right hand corner of the Account screen.  On the new window on the top of the screen click the link for Maxit Tax Calc. Once in Maxit, from the Incoming Positions tab you will see an Incomplete Positions option like the one below; click on…

I have reviewed my Schedule D in the Maxit Tax Calculator and I believe there is an error, how can I report this?
Please email the details of the error to customerservice@optionshouse.com. For security purposes, please send the email from the email address of record and include the last four digits of your account number, the last four digits of your SS#, and your date of birth for verification. We will review and reply to your email within 24…

Does OptionsHouse provide me with a Schedule D to report my trades?
OptionsHouse does offer tax software powered by Scivantage Maxit.  The Maxit Tax Calculator provides a full range of tools designed to help clients track capital gains, generate the Schedule D for tax filing and improve investment tax decisions.* IMPORTANT: Neither OptionsHouse, LLC nor any of its affiliates provide investment or tax advice.  Because the criteria you…

Will I receive a Form 1099 for my account?
1099s are only generated for accounts with greater than $10.00 in dividend and/or interest income or qualified trading transactions; options trades are not reported on Form 1099. *Options transactions are not reported on Form 1099-B.  This information can be located in the Maxit Tax Calculator, the Activity section of your account,  or your monthly statements.