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How do I initiate a wire transfer to fund my account?
Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions Use the information below to arrange an incoming wire transfer with your bank or other financial institution. Please make note of the following considerations: OptionsHouse does not accept incoming third party wire transfer requests. A wire transfer request will be considered third party if the name on the sending account is…

How can I fund my account?
You can fund your account in the following ways: Wire Transfer - A direct, one-time transfer of funds into your OptionsHouse account. Wires are the fastest way to fund your account so you can begin trading as quickly as possible. OptionsHouse may even reimburse your wiring fee charged by your financial institution. Following receipt, incoming wires…

What if I want to fund with a check?
Description: A draft on the funds in your bank account. Make checks payable to APEX CLEARING. Typical Hold Time: Deposit date + 5 business days Cost: Free Important Conditions: Deposit date is typically the day that APEX CLEARING receives the check. We do not accept third party checks, checks signed to APEX CLEARING, temporary, starter,…

Where do I find funding information?
You may fund your account within Account Management. To do so, visit optionshouse.com, click “Manage Account” in the upper right and login to your account. From this page, simply click on the “Funding” button located on the left side of the page and choose your funding method.  

How do I transfer money to/from my bank into my account via ACH (Electronic Transfer)?
You can transfer funds from the Account Management page by clicking on the funding button. On the Funding screen select the appropriate “Account Number”, choose “Deposit or Withdraw”, change the funding method to “ACH – Link To Bank Acct.”, and finally select the “ACH Relationship”.